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Unfiltered CHH Album “Polarized” 

Ellington Zimmerman, who goes by the stage name “ZeeZeeWatch Thumpin” is from the great state of Alabama. He makes music about domestic, international, and eternal affairs. Some in the Christian music industry might say he is dark with his messages, but his music is comprised of all the music he grew up listening to as well as all the live performances he got to experience as a U.S. Army Musician. His journey in music has been a spiritual roller coaster that has brought him to a place where he now combine the music he makes with his Biblical/Spiritual beliefs. He calls it “Watchman music”! He even says things about the right and left on the political side which he seems to have little respect for any politician that doesn’t align to his views. This will make good talk on your show if the topic comes up! 

ZeeZeeWatch Thumpin holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and work with youths where he’s fortunate to incorporate his biblical knowledge in the workplace (that’s rare in today’s environment). ZeeZeeWatch Thumpin want people to know the world we are born into has been in a fallen state where there is great pain and suffering. He want people to know they do not have to live their lives through the trauma they have experienced but can be victorious and made whole through the power of the Most High God. His music add to his arsenal of tools how he spreads the Gospel.

Devine Jamz’s top 3 picks on the 9-track album are track 2, 4, and 5. See what you like below on the album “Polarized”:

Album Title And Download Link – “Polarized

(Hip-Hop/RAP Genre ∙ Released May 25, 2022}

Track 1 – Bursurk
Track 2 – Ginm

Track 3 – Mr. Zee (Nothin to Lose)

Track 4 – Jabs

Track 5 – Calling

Track 6 – Amerianity

Track 7 – WMD

Track 8 – Roar

Track 9 – Sheol



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