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Vernon Little releases his new single, The Chance To Tell You, the song that is revolutionizing Hip Hop.

The Bronx, New York – Few artists of the urban musical world dare to introduce innovations that put them on a path that only has two options: Revolutionize the music industry or fail in the attempt.

Vernon Little, contrary to the majority, has decided to risk with his new single “The Chance To Tell You”, a song that is completely different from what the public is used to listen. This track, which mixes the classic sounds of hip hop with gospel, is one of the best songs you are going to hear this year. Because Vernon Little has decided to go a step further, by creating a new genre, which he himself has baptized as Holy Hip-Hop. His attempt to innovate worked out perfectly, mixing awesome gospel messages with the bases that are so familiar to fans of old school hip hop.
Vernon Little -who is both a rapper and a pastor- is becoming a prolific name in the music industry. His creative way to write verses that inspire us, recited with elegance, is an addictive, positive and pleasant mix. His EP “Double Minded” is, by far, one of the most interesting novelties that 2018 will leave for history. Vernon is an excellent writer, a fact that stands out throughout the EP. His lyrics and the rhythm that accompanies them leads us to relive the Golden Age of Hip Hop with pleasant enthusiasm. Thanks to this, It´s not a coincidence that “The Chance To Tell You” evokes names like Eric B., Rakim and LL Cool J.
Many people say that Hip Hop has lost its essence. Well, with “The Chance To Tell You” and “Double Minded” it recovers his meaning, his purpose, thanks to the contents that leave a positive message, mixed with unique choirs that hook. It is not necessary to be a religious person to listen to Vernon Littler, it only takes the will to listen to the rhythms that is redefining the urban musical world.
If you did not know this artist, then it’s time for you to pay attention to his work. You can start with by Double Minded. So, take a seat, relax, and let yourself be carried away by the fantastic rhythm of “The Chance To Tell You” and the Holy Hip Hop.

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