COVID-19 AUTHOR AVAILABLE: Michael Betrus, is a coronavirus researcher author of COVID-19: Lockdowns on Trial.

This week officials across the United States reported at least 3,011 new deaths attributable to COVID-19, a daily record for coronavirus deaths. 

In California and dozens of other areas across the country, lockdowns, mask mandates and other strict measures designed to slow the virus spread are being implemented.

But will they work?

“COVID 19: Lockdowns On Trial” author Michael Betrus (pronounced Bee-truss) has just released a new, second edition of his book, which contains hundreds of hours of research, statistics and data analysis of the biggest worldwide story of 2020. Michael has conducted nearly 200 interviews on COVID-19 and the lockdowns, including podcasts with the Washington Times, Tom Woods, and dozens of other podcast, television, and radio programs.

Betrus says that lockdown and mask mandate measures have triggered backlash because many believe the rules are too restrictive and uneven; parents wonder why it’s not okay for their children to visit playgrounds or go to school, while shopping malls remain open, and restaurants, sports and entertainment venues and other small businesses argue that further lockdowns will be devastating.

Michael can discuss:

-California’s lockdown approach, and just how serious their latest wave of infection is

-In the midst of a hospitalization “crisis”, we are about even to last year’s hospital bed occupancy and have 40% empty ICUs as of mid-December 2020.

-Governors view lockdowns as their only action, while lockdown states and countries do not outperform open states and countries. Hear the exact data behind this.

-How lockdown deaths will eclipse COVID-19 deaths by next year.

-Is a COVID-19 lockdown or mask mandate really an opportunity to “start over” or is it largely ineffective and in most cases more harmful than good.

-The effectiveness of Europe’s second set of lockdowns this autumn-what can we learn?

-When this will likely end, and we return to normal.


LINKEDIN: @betrus_michael


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