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I’m Julien MM (aka William Julien, the “MM” represents “Maestro Media”), and I thank you for this opportunity to request airplay for my tunes through your venue. I have considered my work as rock or P&R, and I hope my submissions would meet your specific genres that you are looking for. Please forgive me; I would not want to waste your precious time.

Born and raised in Indiana, I have written over a hundred songs over many years while playing in several local bands. Involved with Tourettes and Autism Awareness, I enjoy making my music in a small back room of my garage. I am a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist and music hobbyist. From pencil and paper to finished master, I do all the work alone.

My attachments appear too large to include in this Email.
Here are my links from sound cloud, from my first album, “Romancing A Dream.”

Here are my links from sound cloud, from my second album, “Games U Play.”

If you meet with any problem, please let me know.

Thank you, for your time and effort.
Julien MM

ISSA listed, FCC clean.


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