Recently James Lowe from The IDEA Magazine sat down with one of the very exciting artists on the scene.

The following is a written interview we conducted with the artist while they were working on their next CD and

Tour. First off

I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busey schedule to talk to us here today, as i know our

readers have been requesting us get you in here some how some way. You folks have been described by

your fans as internet

sensations in this interview we will attempt to figure out how this artist became such a great performer and

what they have going forward.

1. Tell us about the history of the band?

We formed/ met in September last year. My former keyboardist knew my lead guitarist, Chris, and called him

up and sent him my album. Chris loved what he heard and then chose and called up who he thought would

fit the project, sent them my album and in one day…I had a knew band. Ever since, it has been a fun but

intense ride of rehearsals and figuring out how to arrange my songs live.

2. What makes the band so refreshing for this day and age of music?

We get along so so well which is even, in my eyes, more important in many ways than the music. I know

what a lot of people think…that I need a ‘younger’ band but these guys know the industry…they lost

their egos a long time ago and are highly established and experienced. They look after me and I value

musicianship and friendship over image. I think this world is too image conscious. We have fun on stage

which is key! We joke with the audience and with each other. I believe we make the music about having fun

and sharing with the audience whereas most bands I’ve seen tend to be quite insular, serious and precious.

3. What have been your high and low points since being in music?

My highest point on a bigger scale has been the creative process of writing the music and being in the

studio and directing what I wanted and hearing what used to be a lines of voice and guitar on my recorder

to fully, professionally produced tracks. I never knew exactly how they would turn out and hearing them

develop was magical! The lowest point so far has been the promotional side which began the day I finished

the album. This part has been so hard. I’m naturally quite shy and figuring out how to perform live, promote

myself on social media and getting out there in general is stressful…I’ll be honest. There have been many

people I’ve come across so far that have caused much angst and disappointment and dealing with people

in this industry who you think you can trust but you can’t has been a great learning experience in trusting

my intuition and being clear as crystal with what I want and expect. But on a high note…even through the

obstacles…it’s always fun to feel myself get even more determined to get through them.

4. How has the local responce been to your music?

Really positive on the whole. Most people love the songs, the production and most especially, my voice.

I know you can’t please everyone and I almost love reading some of the more negative comments and it

makes me laugh that people like to have such a strong negative input. Why say anything at all? But people

love coming to see me and the band and say they feel entertained and would love to come watch again!

Everyone always comments how happy the music makes them. I love this compliment the best!

5 Tell us about how music effected you getting into music yourself?

I have always put on music loud in my living room since the age of 4 or 5 and been a little dancer and singer.

Music has a power to move me in ways that nothing else can. Literally and spiritually. When I was in more

sentimental moods, it had the power to lift me out of them or pull me further into those emotions which was

always cathartic. There are so many elements in music…beats give a feeling, rhythms affect you on another

level, lyrics, chords can be bright or minor and choruses can make me feel higher than anything else can.

Sometimes, I have been walking down the street with my headphones on a summer day and I feel like the

world is the most gorgeous, amazing place and I feel so lucky. I also love how you can hear one chord of

a song you haven’t heard in a long time and you know exactly what song it is and remember the melody

and lyrics exactly. There is a power in music to affect people on deep levels and I want to affect the world

through music!

6 Where can we find you online?

Too many places for my liking! Haha. Just kidding! I have my own personal website


Youtube: (look out here for first music video August)!!!


7 Finally what has your sights set on for the next year, anything big in the works?

I am just focusing on building up my own fan base. I hope to be performing in big venues next year to crowds

of people who have come to see me! That is step one to being able to write/ create/ and perform more of my

own music to more people!

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