Ty Griff

Ty Griff

- in Sunday Show

Hello! my name is Tyquan Griffin, artist name “Ty Griff” I’m emailing because I know you can help independent artist gain success! I was hoping that you would take the time out to read my bio, a bit of my story and listen to my music. I think you’d rather enjoy it! Attached is my bio and a little bit of my story and also some of my music. I hope you like, no love it! And are able to help me take a step forward, become a step closer to accomplishing my dreams, musically, family and career wise! thank you for your time, be blessed and have a great day!

P.S. I do have a website it’s www.itstygriff.com and my contact information is attached to this email too! THANKS AGAIN! YOU’RE AWESOME EITHER WAY!!!!d

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