Adult FilmSkype InterviewsErik Everhard 1/10/2022

Erik Everhard 1/10/2022


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I help men by teaching them elite level sexual skills so they can have confidence with women.

My journey to sexual mastery has been a unique one; you see for the last 23 years I’ve been one of the top Adult film stars in the world, and that’s not by accident. No, there were no crazy parties, there was no hedonism, from my very first scene I’ve treated my career exactly like a professional athlete.

I spent my time learning and studying women in REAL LIFE and throughout every sexual encounter I had.

I figured out the bio-hacks to my own body, out of necessity, as my job and livelihood depended on it. I discovered mental hacks to quell performance anxiety, last longer in the bedroom, secret techniques that could get women off time after time, special diet and supplementation, and more. After over 5000 women, I feel I have cracked the code.

Now YOU can learn these same techniques.

The head of website operations for Jiggy Jag TV!


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