Indiana Bradley’s latestlive albumHarvard and Stone set for February 12 release

New release follows previous albums Indiana Bradley Live – The Satellite Los Angelesand debut LPGhost Star

WHAT: Rock musician Indiana Bradley’s latest LP Harvard and Stone is set for release Friday, Feb. 12, 2021, and follows 2020 albums Indiana Bradley Live – The Satellite Los Angeles and debut LP Ghost Star. All current music and accompanying videos, filmed and edited by Bradley himself, can be accessed via SpotifyYouTube, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon and SoundcloudHarvard and Stone will be available on these platforms, including accompanying videos for each song on YouTube, as of the Feb. 12 release date.

The live performance recorded for Harvard and Stone took place at the venue of the same name, a well-established rock ‘n’ roll venue in East Hollywood / Thai Town. This was Indiana Bradley’s last show before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, performed in November 2019, and included the band’s full lineup – giving the album a full sound and freeing up Bradley to full perform upfront.


  • Bradley released his first two singles, “Red River” and “Under the Night,” in 2018 after settling in Los Angeles. took notice of this up-and-comer and sang his praises in a review of both songs.
  • Bradley’s debut LP Ghost Star, released in August 2020 and including singles “Killing Time,” “Let You Go” and more, received buzz from Come Here Floyd and Music Connection.
  • “Out to Get Me,” released in May 2020, is a high energy rock tune reflecting on paranoia in the age of digital and social media-mob persecution. The fifth single off Bradley’s debut LP, “Out to Get Me” received buzz from: We Love That SoundL.A. Music Scene, and Stream Playlists.
  • “Let You Go,” released in April 2020, is a breakup ballad duet that reflects the competing yet congruent emotions people face while coping with the difficulty of ending a relationship. Featuring vocals by L.A. rocker Sie Sie Benhoff, it is the fourth single released off of Bradley’s debut LP and was highlighted in: Ear JellyReignland
  • “American Psycho,” released in early 2020, is a hard charging, guitar lead psychotic episode of a song that confronts the raw emotional confusion of self-censorship defeated by artistic expression. It is the third release off of Bradley’s debut LP and was included in: The Rocking Magpie
  • Review of 2019 live show by Music Connection
  • Review of Ghost Star by British fanzine Fear and Loathing (third of the way down the page)


  • Indiana Bradley was in Cuba when Fidel Castro died, and Bradley attended his visitation, funeral procession, and remembrance in Revolution Square. The country was shut down for nine days. Bradley’s song “Fidel Castro” reflects on this transformational experience, and footage of Castro’s ashes can be seen in Bradley’s live release music video as he followed along the nine-day journey from Havana to Castro’s birthplace.
  • Indiana Bradley’s world travels are reflected in his music in significant and subtle ways. His life’s responsibilities require travel to Indonesia, Hong Kong, Germany, Mexico, Canada, and New York every year, while side trips seeking creative inspiration have taken him to places like St. Petersburg, Berlin, Austria, Munich, Spain, and Czech Republic. On his wish list are: Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Alaska, as well as returning to Washington, D.C., New Orleans, and South Africa.
  • Indiana Bradley strives for hands-on skill sets with any endeavor he takes on. He taught himself Adobe Premiere Pro for the production of each of his music videos, his interest in urban exploring has taken him everywhere in Los Angeles from visiting Easy-E’s boyhood home to visiting the site of the North Hollywood shootout, and he’s working on learning more about survival and awareness skill sets, inspired by the wilderness school a friend of his runs in Indianapolis called White Pine Wilderness Academy.

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Indiana Bradley leads a life with no category or boundaries. Having lived as a journalist in dozens of countries from Argentina to Indonesia, stories and perceptions accumulated. Bradley’s extensive travels, life experiences, triumphs and trials are reflected in his charging, melodic and real music, translated into a power-driven sound through bold guitars and rhythmic keys. His droning baritone growl draws comparisons to Nick Cave and Johnny Cash, and suddenly awakens with Iggy Pop and Bad Brains-inspired wailing. The mood is accented by a lyrical style that ranges from storytelling to raw emotional confusion.

Settled in Los Angeles in 2017, Bradley released his first single “Red River” in September 2018 followed by “Under the Night,” “American Psycho,” “Let You Go” ft. Sie Sie Benhoff, “Out to Get Me,” and “Killing Time” (July 3, 2020), all accompanied by music videos filmed and edited by Bradley himself. Largely recorded with musician friends, sessions took place at Wax LTD Studios (formerly TTG Studios of Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, and The Doors fame). Seth Olansky engineered and produced.  

In 2019, Bradley formed a band for gigs at Los Angeles hot spots and finished recording his debut album, resulting in a high-energy show and theatrical performance from an artist daring you not to listen to his sound and persona. The 10-song debut LP Ghost Star was released in August 2020 with a follow up EP slated to be produced by Hunter Burgan of A.F.I. fame.

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