Co Vid and Hollywood In Pandemic Times- – Actress Megan Davis survives with work


LA Actress Megan Davis ( of AMERICAN HORROR STORY, 2 BROKE GIRLS) pushes on during Hollywood’s crippling pandemic with latest roles for a film slated for holiday 2021 release as well as a TV pilot done with Daniel Baldwin, Michael Madsen.

With so little work for those that toil away daily in the Hollywood ‘Dream Machine” from book operators to directors too…one determined actress without an agent even, scored work in Tinsel Town. She is Megan Davis, who now boasts a NEW agent and personal manager as Hollywood starts rubbing its eyes and awakens after a year of near starvation. Megan can talk about living in LA this past year, the “LIFE” of a struggling actress and how she remained upbeat against all odds and landed 2 roles for herself while Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston waited by the phone for calls for work.

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