MERLIN makes no apologies for her complexities with her April 23 single “Code Blue.” Fully embracing the internal contradictions that exist within us all, “Code Blue” playfully presents a profound ultimatum: if you can’t love all of me, you can’t have any part of me.
“All of the women inside me are tired,” MERLIN muses, celebrating the beautiful chaos of being complicated, all while combating the multitude of labels that might be used to dumb down her identity; she’s not simple, and she doesn’t want to be.
“The phrase ‘code blue’ echoes throughout the entire track,” she reveals, “It’s not just the song title, it’s the siren you hear in your head when you know something is off about a situation. When you’re not confident in who you are, it’s easy to ignore those red flags and then convince yourself you’re the reason things didn’t work out. ‘Code Blue’ is a reminder to trust your gut, value your worth, and find the strength to say… it’s not me, it’s you.”
Instead of living in that all too familiar, self deprecating head space, MERLIN quite literally dances to the beat of someone else’s warning bells.
“Code Blue” will be available on all platforms starting Friday, April 23, with the official music video to follow on April 30! For more, visit and connect with @thisismerlin13 on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & TikTok

Yes, that’s her ​real​ name.
MERLIN​ moved back and forth between Albania and Germany with her family before they finally settled in Boston when she was 7 years old. Between the language barrier and feeling like a social outcast, music was the one constant she held onto in every new home. She began to write poems and songs, and even used music to learn English. She was drawn to artists like Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, and Paramore growing up, and recalls the Tina Turner and Michael Jackson CDs from the collection her parents packed to bring to the States.
In middle school, ​MERLIN ​began getting involved in school musicals and talent shows, and even joined a cover band as the lead singer. During this time, she also got involved with local modeling and talent agencies. This led her to attend IMTA New York, after which she received many offers that required her to move across the country during her freshman year of college. Ultimately, ​MERLIN​ decided to focus on her education and stay close to her family. However, after graduating with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, ​MERLIN​ still felt her true passion was to pursue music. This led to her to find Red 13 Studios and the production duo Late Boomers Club, who are currently working with her to finalize her EP.
Her debut single, “Love”, is the first release off the project. The song is a moody love letter to her younger self, which plays into the track’s artwork: a childhood photo of MERLIN smiling with Barbie and Ken. Her EP draws from her love of multiple genres and blending in her own Albanian culture wherever she can. If you ask MERLIN what her songs consist of, she’ll tell you: “life, personal experience, death, and MAGIC.”

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