1. Tell us about bundle
the lite bundle is a competitively priced web services package offering unlimited storage, hassle free, full featured email with comprehensive and safer social networking, profit share payments for every user and a great affiliate plan from a UK based, international reach non-profit social enterprise, limited.
2. Whats is the reasoning behind this?
reliable, hassle free email is becoming a rarity, and very few online social networks offer safe environments where allegations of cyber bullying are taken seriously unless those services are specifically targeted at children.
in addition, although an ever growing number of people are finding themselves in need of easy access extra income, few have the time, resources or expertise to go out and make it.
all these things were crying out for a solution. existing providers are too busy making as much money for themselves as they can possibly get away with to give any thought to their users so lite was born to put the user where they deserve to be: i.e front and centre.
3. Tell me about the the provisioning of such a package
the parent company works with an award winning web host, making use of off the shelf software and the services of first class developers to provision this package, which includes many items expressly tailored to the requirements set by the founder, adrian d close.
4. What is included?
we give you back your time, your piece of mind and provide you a means to enjoy easy wealth
5. Tell me about the key elements?
in short: fantastic customer service, reliable email, safe social networking and risk free earnings for every user.
6. You have affliate opportunities?
in addition to our unlimited width lite mlm plan which makes use of PayPal, includes random signups as standard and pays out on each of 50 levels, we operate a subscription version of this bundle with extended benefits and different mlm plan, utilising a different payment processor.
alongside our own services, we are proud present co branded services owned and operated by other companies and we make the same opportunities available to interested marketeers.
whats more, we provide an online marketing club where third party advertisers can bring to market any type of family friendly product or service using any form of affiliate plan trackable online and where affiliates can use just one url to promote multiple items..
our social networks are affiliate/marketing friendly too. marketeers can not only make use of existing functions, but can extend our networks to include their own services.
7. Tell us about the email service
the email service is one time cost, premium service offering unlimited storage, auto responders, filters and forwarders. each user themselves decides what should be considered spam/junk, and enjoys full access to their incoming mail queue, white list, black list and ignore list. as well as all of that, auto inbox cleaning with a vacation toggle comes as standard, as does webmail, pop, imap and ssl access.
unlike other providers we do not hand over your data to government agencies without being served, we do not scan your mail for marketing purposes, we do not dictate you should login at regular intervals to keep your account live, we do not dictate the format of your password, nor how often you should change it. we do not lock you out of your account without dialogue, or use any other means to steal your data.
an optional extra is the ability to purchase your own domain from our cmHost division, and not only have your own lite-bundled email address on that domain, but also be able to offer our lite bundle, to include email addresses on your domain, to your friends and family etc.
8. What is included in the social networks
we own two networks, both only open to users of our email services and selected partners.
cmGoSafe is a very basic network, designed to work well on the small screens of your average smartphone for example, whilst cmSafeNet is very much more comprehensive.
cmGoSafe offers blogs, groups, profiles , twitter-like micro blogging , file sharing , page publishing , bookmark sharing , content reporting , and user self delete functions
cmSafeNet offers networkers:
unlimited free auctions

unlimited free bidding
free recruiter services
free freelancer services
free classifieds
full feature blogging
map sharing
map of members worldwide
event management
video and photo sharing
voucher sharing
document sharing
cv sharing
jukebox (music+podcasts)
wiki-type page publishing
community q and a
multitab private dashboards
multitab profiles
micro blogging
site-wide activity river
link sharing
widget library
internal mail
rss feeds including imports
affiliate friendly
user contributed plugin directory
user & content reporting
offender observation & management (law enforcement functions only)
user extendable functionality
user self delete 

I need 3-4 photos as well (coming soon)

kind regards
adrian d. close
founder and ceo: limited t/a cool networx
“the home of global economic and social inclusion”
>a: … 2 Willow Park, Station rd., Whitland, Dyfed, United Kingdom SA34 0QE
>company hub:
>p: … +441994240651
>m: .. +447580039680

>skype: adrianclose
p.s key cool networx services found on our company hub include but are not limited to the following:
[cmHGI]: competitively priced subscription bundle including: reliable email + social networking + recurring profit share revenue for every user + in-house payment services;
payment services may be separately managed by any third party;
online tools enable third parties to establish multiple accounts;
free and immediate online user to user payments;
scheduling of “any method” withdrawals to self and payments to non-users;
direct link …
[lite]: one time low cost bundle including: reliable email + social networking + profit share for every user with daily Paypal payouts:
direct link …
[cmtv]: Watch and Record Live TV anywhere. anytime:
direct link …

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