1. Breathe – exercise, breath deeply, increase your heart rate, 3-4x per week MOVE your body, Dance- have some fun stretching!2. Sweat – do saunas, steams, hot/cold showers,- the skin is a 3rd lung to release toxins3. Drink optimal water 4-6 days per day4. Relax, Meditate- mitigate your stress factors on a daily basis- be creative using your mind to practice health habits- don’t just pop vitamins or schedule your walk5. Eat clean – minimize alcohol, sugar, white flour, dairy- eat organically; drink more vegetable juices6. get adequate and high quality sleepUSE therapeutic supplements to build your immune systemUSE ILOVEME as discount code to receive 20% off all immune and probiotic supplements LYB Vitamin D 10-20,000 units per day8. LYB Healthy Zinc 25-50 mg per day9. LYB Healthy Immune II 500mg Olive per day10. Healthy Flora 1-2 capsules before bed11. Corona Nosode contact me for info on homeopathic vaccine Collodial Silver AgCidal tsp – tb per day depending on weight
Feel free to reach out to me for questions or any support. IF you develop any symptoms of fatigue, loss of sleep, chills, coughing, aching, the above suggestions could be significantly modified.
I am committed to you feeling more confident and competent in your capacity to feel strong and resist infection. Your partnership with your body requires action and practice, not just theory.
I am committed to you living in clarity that you take joy in loving your body and the amazing opportunity to have a body to live your life purpose.


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