A flurry of surf rock, punk pop, indie rock and hip hop, the music of Good Bison swirls in a creative twist without sounding chaotic. Combining bits of Beck’s Odelay, Weezer’s Blue Album, The Front Bottoms’ self-titled debut and the tongue twists of Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP, the new EP is ambitious and self-assured, a solid EP from a solid artist. “I credit this morph to a refound confidence, and the desire to create something that was representative of myself, rather than something that sounded like what is already coming out. I wanted to make something that was true to me.”
Scattered Storms was written, recorded and produced by Pablo Alvarez with help from Mauri Viladegutt and Slightly Stoopid producer George Spits. The art direction and visual content for Scattered Storms was handled by Krölhaus. It will be released on January 29, 2021.
Alvarez further explains to Under The Radar, “‘Lunatic’ was one of the first songs I wrote for Scattered Storms. When I was working on the guitar, the words just kind of poured out of me. I didn’t have to think about them too much, it was almost like they already existed within the chords I was playing. Even though it’s the shortest track on the EP, it still takes me on a journey whenever I listen to it. The way the drums come in as the verse starts gets me so hype. It’s a nice surprise no matter how many times I’ve heard it. I feel like listening to ‘Lunatic’ and watching the music video, people will get a pretty good idea of what it’s like hanging out with me. It’s hectic, but somehow also super chill.”
Pablo Alvarez of GOOD BISON
Photo credit: Krölhaus
One week before the release of their new EP Scattered Storms, Los Angeles-based indie band GOOD BISON is proud to premiere their brand new, skateboarding influenced music video for their single “Lunatic” today with Under The Radar. The video, conceptualized by frequent collaborator Krölhaus (who handled all of the art direction/visual content for Scattered Storms), features a pair of friends sneaking into an abandoned water reservoir to skateboard, all while Good Bison frontman/brainchild Pablo Alvarez sits in the middle, singing the song’s lyrics in a daze.

“The lyrics for ‘Lunatic’ are about the concept of ‘home’ and how to find it, and since skateboarding was my home for such a long time, it made perfect sense to feature it in the music video,” Alvarez tells Under The Radar. “We shot everything in an abandoned water reservoir hidden in the hills. We had to walk like 20 minutes, and then go in through a hole in the fence. It reminded me of the type of spots we would skate as teenagers in Miami. I was always sneaking into places and getting chased out by security. Running away from the cops.” 

“Even though I don’t skate anywhere near as much as I did when I was younger, it’s still a huge part of who I am. The skaters in the video are supposed to represent my thoughts, and I’m doing my best to ignore them. Pretty much everyone involved in making this had a skating background, so it all came together naturally and it was a lot of fun to work on. I used to film my friends and I skating and then edit the clips together in Windows Movie Maker, shooting this video felt like a throwback to those days.”
Scattered Storms might only be a four song EP, but it’s Good Bison’s most enthralling, emotive, and well-rounded collection of music to date” – The Aquarian 

“Angsty and nostalgic, hopelessly romantic and brokenhearted, optimistic and in-your-face. Good Bison captures all of those feelings by allowing himself to dip his toes in every type of genre throughout his melodies” – BTRtoday

“On Scattered Storms, Pablo Alvarez twists his varied influences into a catchy and welcoming sound” – Chaos Control Digizine

“A combination of incredible lyrics that flow like a hip-hop joint and a wobbly acoustic vibe that makes a delicious concoction we can’t get enough of… Pure fire” – Pancakes & Whiskey 

“Every once in a while, you will stumble upon an artist that completely blows you away in ways you haven’t felt before. And that’s how I felt when I received Good Bison in my inbox last week.”
– Substream Magazine

‘“’Lunatic,’ Alvarez’s latest work is a blisteringly short taste of that mix of styles, leaning towards easygoing hooks, indie rock slacker vibes, and rhythmic conversational delivery. Alvarez himself is similarly dynamic, opening on an introspective run through the chorus before the percussion kicks in giving the track a driving new sense of urgency. His delivery shifts and listeners can catch some of his hip hop talents packed into an easygoing summer ride. The track runs refreshingly short, but Alvarez makes the most of the time, working his eclectic influences for a compelling spin through his world.” – Under The Radar

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