Band: GRENOUER, St Petersburg, Russia

Alternative Metal




The Mic: What got this band together and started in this business?


Andrey ‘Ind’ (Lead vocals): In 80’s we were teenagers pretty much fond of hard’n heavy and the older we grew the heavier metal we were listening to became. By the first half of 90’s the majority was already completely blown away by thrash, death metal, grindcore, doom metal and hardcore, and along with that we felt the urge for playing music ourselves. I say “we” meaning the whole communion rather than the definite circle of people, after all, many Russian post-communist kids in certain spheres were pretty much the same – liberated, full of hopes and self-sufficing. In the end of the day some of us did form bands, yet many never went too far. It is a hard task indeed, like GRENOUER was formed more than 20 years ago and only now after several releases, continual line-up changes and thousands of gigs we have started to reckon it as a sort of a business.


The Mic: Who writes and produces all the material for the band?


Andrey ‘Ind’: The formal answer would be – the guitar player brings a riff or an idea, yet just riffs never make a song. You need to have the whole band together grasping the mood, emanation, and proceeding insistently together in favour of a magic tune. I also spend weeks searching for vocal melodies with proper hooks and afterwards for worthy imagery words. Still, when the band enters the studio, it’s essential to have a producer for onlooking, and we have chanced to work with great producers (Anssi Kippo from Finland, Dualized& Eddy Cazza from Italy) and due to nice results reasonably intend to carry on.



The Mic: The band played in front of or with any acts our readers would know from the Mainstream?


Andrey ‘Ind’: Supporting TESTAMENT in Moscow was maybe the biggest event for GRENOUER. We also took part in big festivals and saw famous acts nearby like PRO PAIN, EXODUS, AGNOSTIC FRONT, PARADISE LOST, ALL SHALL PERISH and many more…


The Mic: Where can people access your music on the web?



Andrey ‘Ind’: It must totally available through major digital distributors, including iTunes, and also on streaming sites, we are surely not hiding from anyone.


The Mic: Any embarrassing moments on stage?

Andrey ‘Ind’: It is quite embarrassing to be unwell at the day of the show, being a singer now I have come to understanding that is better to cancel the gig in such cases. You need to be entirely “on”, otherwise fans perceive “the leakage”. In most instances being on stage means to enjoy vibe to the full.  Sometimes something awkward happens but this doesn’t really matter – like missing footing and falling down in the very begging, or forgetting to zip up zipper. The sound, equipment and comfort of the backstage remain a secondary driver if the crowd goes on fire and energy streams through the air.


The Mic: Any good stories you want to tell us?


Andrey ‘Ind’: Like kicking up a row on tour or wanking at studio? It is refreshing to indulge at studio, where you have a satellite TV with adult channels and piles of poon magazines; but guess what? After 3-4 days you find yourself watching something like Discovery and thumbing music press instead. Touring is almost the same, I am amazed somehow, how polite, decent and boring we may turn out.


The Mic: Who is the bands musical influence?


Andrey ‘Ind’: First of all, I am a KISS fan, and a fonder of various forms of hard rock and metal of 70’s, 80’s (mostly) and 90’s. Frankly speaking, I judge any song from the point of view of a good heavy guitar riff and a good melody, if something is missing, I normally skip. There are exceptions when I advert to high quality pop music, classic rock and even some electronics, and thus such influence is less obvious. All in all, we know how to avoid any visible direct influences.



The Mic: What is your musical background like?



Andrey ‘Ind’: Naturally started in a punk rock band, that’s easiest way when you lack skills, then passed through cover bands, grunge bands and yeah, found myself as a growling vocalist in GRENOUER. After four albums in death metal genre, we began creative endeavour that bit by bit brought the band to melodic songwriting, and me to clean singing.


The Mic: Any other members in your family that are musicians?




Andrey ‘Ind’: Both of my parents are classic music teachers, yet they are not on friendly footing with hard rock and metal. Luckily for them these days I am focussed on signing without screams and growls and the songs sounds less and less provocative for them.


The Mic: What is the TOP reason why you want to play music?



Andrey ‘Ind’: The TOP reason resides in combination of fun, efforts and freedom. If you don’t sacrifice anything and always go with a run, you don’t value the moments of genuine happiness and pursuing of your goal. In my case music activity is not an easy go but this doesn’t make me stop. And I am free as a bird even though this imposes lots of obligations.


The Mic: What has been your best show?



Andrey ‘Ind’: I hope so much that we haven’t played our best show so far. Yes, there have been lots of gigs, and many of them are enchased in my heart – venues of different size and totally various occasions, but if you are born to live on stage, you are not very particular to single moments, you just devote yourself and make the all-round action.

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