Monday, August 8, 2022




1. Tell us about the history of the band?


started in my basement, I got a couple shows at some small venues.


2 What makes the band so refreshing for this day and age of music?


it matches what the world is all about today.


3. What have been your high and low points since being in music?


highest point is right now getting everything all together


Lowest point is when I first started and wasn’t too serious with my music


4. How has the local responce been to your music?


everybody is really starting to vibe with my music


5 Tell us about how music effected you getting into music yourself?


6 Where can we find you online?


twitter: @LoweTooHigh


7 Finally what has your sights set on for the next year, anything big in the works?


Building a bigger fan base, radio interviews, putting together my next mixtape, opening shows for major




Red Shed Comedy Night

Jwheelz Live

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