(Nashville, TN – January 13, 2021) For Nashville-based multi-talented artist Alyssa Jacey, it will take more than a pandemic to keep her from the stage. Today, she announces her new live album, Alyssa Jacey LIVE!, which she recorded while on tour on September 16, 2020 at the newly built Argyros Performing Arts Center in Sun Valley, ID. The album consists of 32 total tracks, which include 14 songs (11 originals and 3 covers) and the artist’s signature endearing commentary to her socially-distanced fans. Being a passionate supporter of the eradication of Alzheimer’s disease, Jacey is donating a portion of her live album proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association, to which she has been donating for nine consecutive years.

Being a natural-born performer, Jacey was dying to get back in front of a live audience after the pandemic was restricting her live concerts. While planning a trip to Hailey, Idaho to visit her father for his birthday, the artist reached out to her regular spots in the area, including one that wanted her to perform the year before, but schedules would not align. The new Argyros Performing Arts Center was barely open but jumped at the chance to have Jacey perform at their venue while she was in town, and she booked the show for September 16th. Having performed in the area for the past 14 years, the show sold out in less than an hour. She played to a socially distanced crowd of 80 people, the venue graciously recorded the show for her and her new LIVE album was born. On the album, Jacey performs solo, singing, rapping, and playing acoustic guitar with a stomp box under her right foot and a tambourine on her left.

About the show, Jacey states, “When I reached out to them about playing in September, they hadn’t had live music for over 6 months. They wanted to take a shot at it and so did I! And we were SO happy we all did. It was an amazing turnout, and this was one heck of a fun show!!”

On March 26th, the Alyssa Jacey LIVE! album will be available as physical CDs at all of Jacey’s live shows and for digital streaming and downloads on all digital music platforms. The artist will also release new live performance videos for several songs every other Sunday on her social media.

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