P.D.H. is originally from Chicago, born and raised, and now makes his home in Milwaukee.He is said to have drawn inspiration from Ian Ewing (another Milwaukee Chill Hop artist), StanForebee and the entire Hip Hop culture that hails back to his days as a student at HowardUniversity in D.C.As a child growing up on the Northside of Chicago, when he was 8 years old, he and many ofhis family members traveled to the Continent of Africa, to visit in-laws, he remembers the richsounds of Africanmusic that helped to cultivate his interests.Something that he really believes in is Spiritual Harmony and Nutritional Healing. He enjoyshis blender and juicer. Some of the formulas that he works with can be considered SmoothieMedicine.God-Willing and only through God’s Grace expect from him more albums catering to theculture of Chill Hop, Jazz Hop and very possibly an entire Classical Hop album. This latestrelease and forthcoming albums will remain largely comprised of those genres. Also expect a“Best Of” of the previous 2 albums with selected tracksRemixedandConverted to ChillHoptempo

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