UPDATED LINKS:While extending sympathies to those affected by the coronavirus worldwide, many in the music business, Chicago-based Curio Cabinet Records released a music playlist aimed at uplifting the spirits of those ‘staying at home.’ The company is also thankful to the many health care workers, military and first responders as well as restaurants, truckers, grocery store workers, manufacturers and more that are helping us through this challenging time. “We are extremely grateful,” Curio Cabinet Records President/Musician Robert J. Hurns said. “We hope our music can lift some spirits.
   “Our short playlist is based on fan input from our first three albums, Crabby Road, Music From Imaginary Movies and Meet The Christ Stains!,” Hurns said from his studio. “These are some of our most downloaded songs   worldwide.”  Fans say this music gets you moving. One can download and listen to Hurns’ songs from the hearnow.com links (listed below), Amazon and all streaming platforms:1.       Sonic MagazineCrabby Roadhttps://robertjhurnscrabbyroad.hearnow.com/crabby-road 2.       Man From Christ StainMeet The Christ Stains!,   https://thechriststains.hearnow.com/

3.       El SydMeet The Christ Stains!https://thechriststains.hearnow.com/ 
4.    Twin PeeksMeet The Christ Stains!,  https://thechriststains.hearnow.com/
5.       Last DayMeet The Christ Stains!,  https://thechriststains.hearnow.com/

6.    The Office, Crabby Roadhttps://robertjhurnscrabbyroad.hearnow.com/crabby-road 7.    Lunar OceanMusic From Imaginary Movieshttps://robertjhurnsmusicfromimaginarymovies.hearnow.com/music-from-imaginary-movies8.    Giant Monkey IslandMusic From Imaginary Movies,  https://robertjhurnsmusicfromimaginarymovies.hearnow.com/music-from-imaginary-movies 9.    Battle Line, Music From Imaginary Movieshttps://robertjhurnsmusicfromimaginarymovies.hearnow.com/music-from-imaginary-movies
10.  Attack of the Giant Bumble BeeMeet The Christ Stainshttps://thechriststains.hearnow.com/
11.  Dust,Meet The Christ Stains!,  https://thechriststains.hearnow.com/
12.  Shroud SkyMeet The Christ Stains!,   https://thechriststains.hearnow.com/
13.  GolgothaMeet The Christ Stains!,https://thechriststains.hearnow.com/
14.  Wild BoarCrabby Road, https://robertjhurnscrabbyroad.hearnow.com/crabby-road    Hurns’ earlier solo albums Crabby Road ( https://robertjhurnscrabbyroad.hearnow.com/crabby-road) and Music from Imaginary Movies (https://robertjhurnsmusicfromimaginarymovies.hearnow.com/music-from-imaginary-movies) are available on Amazon, Apple, other music services and all streaming platforms. The just released Castle of the Von Font Counters (https://thevonfontcounters.hearnow.com )said to make Dracula rock, is also winning rave reviews from worldwide listeners.

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