I was coming off a great meeting in Wichita Kansas for our new TV project on Monday afternoon. I had not had much contact with Facebook or anything else due to our Concerts for the cause event. Plus our radio and TV stuff, however I got a message from Tyler Hollywood from Talkradiox.com. He notified of the passing of my broadcast buddy Rick Busby from WFFR. Rick was gone from the earth and dang I hate to write those words. Rick Busby was an innovator in the world of radio and he will be missed by the masses. 

Rick Busby and I had met years ago on the internet radio scene. Rick and I began to collab on several projects and productions. Rick was setup in the Philly area of the USA and he was great friends with my friend Frank Cotolo. I know Rick was always in awe of all the cool things he got to do. He was never a guy who wanted pay check first. Rick had many accomplishments with interviewing DDP from WCW and WWE. Rick also pulled off some really cool interviews he spoke to the voice actors from transformers and Jem. Rick was a mover in the industry of internet radio and had a blast doing it.

 Rick Busby was an avid wrestling fan, lots of times we would go back and 4th on twitter about pro wrestling. Rick understood Facebook and twitter; he also understood the pull of the internet. Rick like so many others in broadcasting have been ashamed of internet radio. Rick was never ashamed of radio online. In fact one time, a guest turned down being on radio due to it being “internet radio”. So he cancelled on the whole damn agency.

  Rick began filling in for me on Friday on Talkradiox.com and my other stations. Rick at first volunteered then went, “Oh crap I have never done talk radio”. Rick excelled at it; he began making videos for YouTube. He understood the post production process of radio and he made sure the guests and the bookers were happy. Rick was on his way to becoming a big deal on radio and he and I had spoken of an off shoot of the Friday broadcasts, before he got sick.

  Rick did so much for us including graphics, commericals, and voiceovers for KJAG radio. Rick was a guy who wanted to help his fellow man. Rick was a guy who we all loved and adored and knew at one point we may lose him. I honestly thought we were heading into another standard hospital visit for Rick when he went into May 2013. However as time went on I knew he prob would not leave the hospital. I held out hope every time there was an update that he would just be F’ing with us all and he would pull out and be out and back. He kept telling me on emails and all, “I aint beat yet, buddy.” In reality he aint beat because we will always keep him in our hearts and the out pouring I have saw from listeners to fellow broadcasters. Simply amazing and Rick we will keep your memory alive and we will be honoring Rick in our own ways. Thanks for being my friend, being my partner in this radio revolution but Rick thanks for being you.

  Jiggy Jaguar

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