FR3SHGANG is an original music group based in Cameroon.
They have a focus on blurring the lines between a wide range
of musical style and creative ideas. Their songs are rooted in
genres as diverse as Afro-beat, Hip-Hop and even Afro-Trap,
going for a very innovative feel. They often combine different
languages in their songs as well, showcasing lyrics in French
and English, and giving their songs an even broader appeal,
setting the bar higher and reaching out to a worldwide
With such a fresh combination of influences, it is not at all
surprising to see that FR3SHGANG is quickly building a
strong audience for themselves, and they are quickly
becoming rising stars on the international music scene. One of
the first things that you will notice when listening to the group’s
music is definitely the high quality of the production in their
songs. It is not always easy to blend a wide variety of musical
styles together so successfully, but it is really a seamless
process for FR3SHGANG. Their tracks are particularly notable
for the intricacy and punch of their beats. On one hand, you
can expect the raw and energetic feel of the typical trap
sound, with some tasteful 808 and unique arrangements that
set the bar higher in terms of genre definitions and other
creative experiments. From the juicy afro-beat inspired
groups, down to the hard hitting low end on their songs,
anything goes and there is so much room to explore new
ideas with so much vision and passion at play here! In
addition to that, the melodies in FR3SHGANG are also quite
memorable and unique, blending in perfectly with the
charismatic flow of the main vocals. The duo released a
handful of amazing singles throughout the past few years, and
one of their most notable tracks to this day is their 2018
single, Zena, which also comes in with a stunning music
video, directed by Otantik Films, who also collaborated with
the group in the past in other music videos. The song features
an infectious beat with a Caribbean feel. The vocals are
melodic and forward-thinking, with some beautiful pitch effects

and some memorable vocal hooks that won’t get out of your
head anytime soon! Like many other tracks in their
discography, FR3SHGANG managed to set the bar higher
with this one, featuring a triumph of harmonies and a master
that feels loud and proud, with bass that-s meant to shake
even the biggest sound systems! This is only one of many
examples of excellence, from the discography of a group with
so much to say and a unique creative twist.
Whether you are a fan of rap music, or you like Afro-beat, pop,
R&B and other styles, you should most definitely give this act
a go. FR3SHGANG are capable of reaching a very broad
audience with their excellent music and they are always ready
to impress new fans, one song at a time! This is the perfect
example of a recording project that is built on creativity,
excellence and quality. More importantly, FR3SHGANG is
also all about building a very powerful brand, where
everything is really spot-on and tailored around the unique
identity of the group. Sound is the most important aspect of
making music, of course, but the image also matters, and this
group has got style for days! Fans of artists as diverse as
Sean Paul, Pitbul as well as Flo Rida are definitely going to
enjoy FR3SHGANG and their modern approach to Afro-beat.
The group are due to release their brand new single soon!
“Tori Don Change” is a charged and lively dance number that
is perfect for clubbing. This song has a stunning production
aesthetic and a direct rhythm that is perfect to move to. Stay
tuned for this new release!
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