Hello Vallen. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with Web Host Ranking. Let’s start this interview off by explain to our readers what your role is at HostArmor and your experience in the web hosting industry.

I work to essentially keep the company and our promise of quality on track. It’s not that we ever veer from the best, but if prices can be cut back further, I’m there to make sure that happens. My experience comes from years of working as a web designer and constantly being frustrated with the low-quality of your “average hosting company”. After several years of difficulty designing websites and hosting them with other companies, I decided it was time for me to make a change and went out to launch my own hosting company.

First off, congratulations on winning our “Affordable Green Host” award. While a lot of companies out there claim to offer green hosting, they really don’t. Can you explain to our readers what HostArmor does in terms of being green and how that contributed to you winning our prestigious award?

Thank you, we are honored to have received the award. Our company takes a full approach to going green. Unlike some companies that claim green hosting but still send out snail mail, we refuse to send out any invoice that would require paper, everything is electronic. In addition, we vigorously recycle in the office, and use CFL bulbs for lighting. Even our internal records are all stored electronically; nothing is printed out. The datacenter we work with for shared hosting also purchases Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to not only make up for their energy usage, but then give back almost a third more than that! We are happy to have such a committed company to work with.

When our readers visit your site, they are going to be offered the choice of shared hosting, virtual servers, and dedicated servers. Can you explain briefly the difference in each of these HostArmor products?

Yes, no problem. The choices sometimes are confusing for someone who is just starting to look for a web hosting company, but after understanding what each plan offers, the choices become quite clear. Shared hosting is web hosting where you and several other users purchase a small piece of a very powerful web server; it’s best suited for sites with a decent amount of visitors and someone who does not need a lot of technical power. A VPS, or virtual private server, gives the customer a step above shared hosting in that they still receive only a portion of a powerful server, but also have full control over that piece and can install almost anything they require. It’s best suited for larger websites who still want to keep costs low and may require changing software. Last but not least, dedicated servers give customers complete remote access to all the hardware and software on a server; it’s best suited for those who need full power and a stable system to run their website or websites.

One thing that Web Host Ranking always looks at is the type of servers and network the host is using. We feel these components of a host can give a perspective what type of uptime they can expect and how reliable the host is. Where does HostArmor stand in this aspect?

Those are very important facts. It’s always a good idea to check out the hardware of any hosting company, and we are confident our hardware exceeds the minimum requirements. We power our shared hosting using dual Xeon E5620 2.40 GHz Quad Core Processors, 12 GB of DDR2 RAM, and RAID10 hard disks. Even better, for our VPS nodes we have Dual Xeon L5645 CPUs, 72 GB of DDR3 RAM, and RAID60 SAS drives. Our dedicated servers obviously vary in specs, but currently the cheapest one you can buy still comes with 4 x 1.66 GHz Intel Atom CPU, 4 GB of DDR2 RAM, and a nice 500GB SATA II harddrive. We have multiple upstream providers for all of the hosting services we provide; some of the big bandwidth providers we have available are Level3, nLayer, NTT America, and Global Crossing. Lastly, unlike other hosts, we guarantee 99.9% network uptime for shared hosting, 99.99% network uptime for virtual servers, and 100% network uptime for dedicated servers, anything below that is unacceptable and we will do our best to make up for any extra downtime you might see.

Something else that we feel is very important is the customer support that the web hosting provider offers. A lot of times the web hosting provider will offer poor customer support or outsource it, causing the customer to get extremely frustrated, especially novice webmasters! What type of customer support does HostArmor offer and is it included for free in all your services?

All of our technical support is delivered in-house and from American support specialists. It seems unfair to deliver a great product, only to outsource the support. Where support is available, we provide it at no cost to the customer, should support be ongoing or require additional time to complete, we can work out paid support; however most support requests (including transferring your website) are completed at no cost. Our virtual and dedicated servers are unmanaged, but do come with support for setup issues or hardware problems. We also give you a lot of control over those two types of plans; allowing you to reinstall the OS of your VPS, and have KVM access for dedicated servers.

Vallen thanks for spending some time with Web Host Ranking and answering these questions for our readers. If you didn’t already know, Web Host Ranking is not only the most complete web hosting directory and tutorial provider, but also a web hosting coupon site for our readers. It is our goal to find the best web hosting deals we can! So we have to ask…Do you have any HostArmor promos that you can offer our readers to help them save some money on your services?

Thank you for this interview and it has been my pleasure. Long before I even started my hosting company, I recall looking at the Web Host Ranking site to actually help me with choosing the best hosting companies! I am honored to give back to the community which had helped me so much in my search. I’ve prepared a special promo code just for Web Host Ranking readers. When you order any of our 5 dedicated servers, use the promo WEBHOSTRANKING and we’ll give you $25 off your first month of hosting!

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