Nick Arnette The Feel Good Funny Guy.
Keynote Speaker, Comedian, Master of Ceremonies and Auctioneer.
Phone 323-857-1895
Nick grew up in Colorado. He has lived in Los Angeles for over 25 years
now, and is working with a nonprofit with teenagers overcoming drug
and alcohol addictions. Nick speaks with various business groups and
associations around the country. When Nick is not working he enjoys
scuba diving and listening to music.
Finding something funny is an ability to identify a problem; usually the
reason we laugh at something is because we can relate to it,” Arnette
explains. “Once we’ve identified the problem using a humorous
approach, solving it can be much easier because we’ve exaggerated it
to make it funny. Once we’ve done that, the problem seems smaller and
something we can contend with… …Laughter is caused by the
unexpected and conflict. These same two ingredients that trigger

laughter also are the same things that cause stress, anxiety, anger and
pain, ” says Nick Arnette and tomorrow he will talk about How to have a
great attitude work as a team and keep your sense of humor!
Studies show people learn better and remember more when they are in
a good mood, so Nick’s goal is to keep people and his audiences
inspired, informed and happy!
Nick is an author of 2 Great Books! ME, WE, AND GLEE , and THE
BOOK OF DUDE . He has been in the funny business for over 30 years.
He’s entertained at the top. His message is universal and he’s often
invited to speak to audiences from all over the world.
Arnette is also a sought after emcee and is also an auctioneer who has
sold several items worth over a million dollars. Arnette thinks balance is
importance in our lives, so he works with at-risk teens in Los Angeles,
helping them get back on track to reach their educational goals.

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