Max Mazzim is a U.S.A Based songwriter, actress, R&B/Pop singer
who has managed to defy all odds, reaching a pinnacle of success,
while making her mark both on and off the stage in the music and
movie industry worldwide. Raised in a Christian home, and of West
African, Cameroon, origin, she began singing gospel songs at the
tender age of 11, by age 12 she was performing, and dancing on
popular music and dance TV shows CRTV Cameroon, West Africa.
Well known for her unique sensual moves, and upbeat tunes, she
blends her African heritage with a mix of pop, reggae, R&B, and
In early 2000, she joined then popular music band “Afrik Musik dance
system” embarking on a five your tour throughout the metropolitan
DC/VA/MD/NC/NYC, and the band produced and sold several albums,
and booked out shows. In early 2008, she was discovered and signed
by CEO of str8team Entertainment Record label George Hookz, then
based in Germany. Her debut album “un-veiled” featured by USA Rap
Star Mike Jones, “ 2 Steps”, German R&B star Moe Mitchell “ We
getting Money”, made headlines during its release in October of 2010,
with a booked out show with Mike Jones, and since then has been
featured on multiple DJ Mixes in the Local DMV, Europe and Africa. In
early, 2011, Max Mazzim after a big push to integrate Str8team Ent
into the U.S.A market, George Hookz decided to start a branch in
USA, and as Co-founder, and manager the USA branch of STRTEAM
ENT, began full operations. Working closely with George Hookz,
over the last five years projects include, management of artist
repertoire, events management, music production, promotion, co-
producer and singer in Mixtape and Album release of “Dyin in Da line
of Duty, No Differences, Un-Veiled, My Business, Third eye, “while
still working on her singles, feat many talented local DMV artists,
“Rock my Birthday” feat VI Empress, “Addiction” feat XLG Skenny,
“Take Control” Feat Michelle Antonique.
Max Mazzim is a Four time award Nominee, and three time winner for
best music Video Pop / R & B genre, Hollywood in DC, DMV, hosted
by World Music and Independent Film Festival, WMIFF, June
Daguiso, 2011 to 2014, and has featured on local and international TV
channels in DMV, PGCTV, PotLuck TV Virginia, and worldwide.
Max Mazzim is now ready to bring new style, excitement, hits, after a
major Record deal was recently, signed, in early 2017, between

STRTEAM ENT record Label, and Penalty Recording / Sony Red.
Upcoming projects include, working closely with BigHookz on USA
projects, Kenny Maxi-g for a Russia base, pop and electro music
genre project, production and marketing, upcoming LP “UpTown City
Girl”, and single “Battlefield” geared for the Soccer World Cup 2018
hosted in Russia. Max Mazzim has a scheduled tour in eight
countries, Russia, Germany, USA, Canada, Cameroon, Nigeria, South
Africa, France, which will debut the much talked about and long
awaited hit single, “Birthday Love”, Feat Beenie Man.
The multitalented singer, and actress, is also proud of many
accomplishments and ongoing projects, Skin Line product SkinGlow
by Max & Co Cosmetique, originally designed jewelry and clothing
line, MaxWoh & Co, Russian /USA /Cameroon based product line,
scheduled for a summer 2017 Launch. Co- Host and writer of talk
show, “CelebTalks show”, and movie screen writer, No Bank Account,
Crush-ed, No Turning Back, 8 Bars, Love & Flames reality, depicts
lives of artists , Max Mazzim is also looking forward to a lucrative
acting career, and has had featured roles in action thriller “ Drug
Related Trilogy”, A June Daguiso Production, “Koming from Africa”,
A Comedy by Blaise Sitchet, and future acting roles in Globe-Wood
movie “Crush-ed”, “No bank account” a G.N/ STRTEAM ENT TV/ Max
Lions Studios & Entertainment, Globe-Wood productions.


Pop and R&B Artist Max Mazzim Drops New Single, ‘Stranger’

(April 23, 2020) – Multi-talented, USA based artist Max Mazzim, debut’s hit single, “Stranger”
featuring Murder Inc/300 Ent artist Boogiie Byrd. The song depicts a woman who finds herself
suddenly in love with a stranger, and what unfolds next is portrayed, within the lyrical content.
Watch the music video trailer of “Stranger” :
An RnB singer, yet deeply passionate about her blended Afro centric roots, it’s no wonder her music
has blossomed to include an energetic and upbeat mix of pop, house and reggae, supported by
equally impactful lyrics, in her next up-coming album due to be released Fall, 2020.
Check out “ Stranger”, now available all online store’s, and Spotify:
Max Mazzim recently released hit single “Out Ya Body”, formerly “Birthday Love” ft. Reggae Legend
king Beenie Man, Kirko Bangz and YK Supe, with then Penalty ENT/Sony music. The song has gained
worldwide attention within major radio stations like 95.5 FM, and internationally in France, Russia,
Germany, and Africa, Cameroon, where she has held major sold out concerts.
Max Mazzim is also a songwriter and actress, apart from being one of the hottest emerging
R&B/Pop singer, she has overcome all obstacles to reach a pinnacle of success in the entertainment
industry, world-wide.
Max Mazzim is a four-time award nominee, and three time winner of best music video pop / R & B
genre, Hollywood in DC, DMV, hosted by World Music and Independent Film Festival, WMIFF,
between 2011 to 2014. She shot to fame in late 2011 with her debut single, “Do The Two Step” ft.
Mike Jones, and album “ Un-Veiled”, and continued to rise with her next single, “ Birthday Love”
feat Beenie Man, making waves in the UK, and Germany. In 2017, Max Mazzim performed in front
of two and half million spectators at the 70 th anniversary of Brooklyn’s Historic Labor Day Festival.
She is also set to launch her Max Mazzim beauty line this summer
Max Mazzim is open to blog placements, interviews and other publicity avenues, and her social
media accounts actively share the latest scoop from this popular artist.


For more information, please visit:
IG: , Facebook: Max Mazzim, Twitter: Max_Mazzim
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