Bo Christo 1/4/2020


The new album Titles and Frames is classic pop and rock, with a mix of retro and now.

Un Rodo Coras earlier albums were often inspired by geographical locations, with titles like New York-Barentsburg and Beijing-Bangalore. Then in 2016 came Love Thy Neighbor, an album more focused on a journey with religious and political overtones. And now with their fifth album Titles and Frames they take on the really big questions in life: Friendship, Love and Loss. And a bit of Death.

Un Rodo Cora is a Stockholm based group of musicians with links to both USA and India. They are somewhere between a solo project, a band and a collective, centered around the songwriter Bo Christo. Although a number of musicians form the core of the band the actual line-up is as fixed as a recipe for pizza. Band members switch instruments and guest musicians enter the ring.

The band’s loose fit is a result of the frustration Bo felt in many of the bands he played with in his youth, where a fixed line-up often became a limitation. Instead of writing songs for the band he decided to form a band for the songs.

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