Chaosbay with Jiggy Jaguar 10/26/2021


Chaosbay return with new powerful material in less than one year after their highly acclaimed album Asylum. The new single is called LONELY PEOPLE. Their sound is stronger than ever, melodies are catchy as hell and the overall impression is overwhelming. Still being a progressive metal band, CHAOSBAY manage to focus on epic melodies and pop structures, combining it with brutal downtuned riffs and the occasional „growl“. The song will be the first part of the EP „BOXES“, expected in fall 2021. It is Chaosbay’s first cooperation with the new found label CIRCULAR WAVE. The EP will set a new direction with more catchy, but yet heavier material than the band has ever created before. Being known for their extended song lenghts and concept albums, the German group produced this 5-song-compilation aiming for uncompromising tracks, that stand on their own, but are connected lyric-wise.

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