For Immediate Release

Based in Miami, FL, Post-Industrial/Metal duo Floorless are set to make a splash with their debut album “Telepath”.

Floorless deliver a dark and sludgy sound on “Telepath” that most die hard metalheads can bask in, yet also maintain beautifully sculpted electronic elements that help separate them from the pack.  “Telepath” was written during 2020, a time where most can agree brought out feelings of despair and hopelessness. Floorless manages to channel all those feelings into the album, producing a stellar debut release. Matthew Gossman of Floorless delves into the making of “Telepath”

The recording process was quite unique for this this album since it was almost entirely recorded during the Coronavirus pandemic. Mike and I used “Splice” to collaborate and program the songs, which is basically a live online document for our production software. I recorded all the guitars in my apartment, and our engineer “re-amped” that recording into an actual amplifier in the studio as if I was actually there. Our pandemic isolation and depression can be heard on the record.

Telepath” is out today. The music video for their first single off the album “Pearly” can be seen below.

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