Drummer Paul Wandtke (Trivium) has put together a band that brings the essence of Chicago rock and melds with the post nu grunge sounds of the NW. A convergence. Dead Original releases their first album called ‘Dead Original’ in early January via INgrooves. They have been releasing their single/videos from the coming album too.”Let It Burn” is the third one and it is showing exactly the crux of this whole project. Paul isn’t one to sit around and wait to see if rock n roll happens –  NO – he goes out and makes it happen with his band.Check it out and think you are going to like it. If you have already done support for us, on this one, thank you. If not would you please published a News Post for us and of course if you’d like an interview we can figure that out as well.Take care and rock soon!- Song River

Dead Original

“Let It Burn”

Press: https://conta.cc/33aAxeMYT: https://youtu.be/XY6gVKvJNdY

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