Suburban Rituals is an alt-rock band from Montreal, Canada, bringing back the heavy yet melodic vibes of 90’s and 00’s rock. Their music blends punk rock and metal for a sound that is oddly familiar while being entirely new.

The band’s debut EP is an action packed six songs with lyrical content ranging from suicide to a not-so-distant dystopian future. Since it’s release Oct 30, 2020, the self-titled release has received airplay on campus and community radio stations across North America.

Their latest single, “Nosebleed,” is a high-energy punk song about the pitfalls of addiction and its effects on relationships. The song’s music video uses hyperlapse photography to distort time and illustrate the chaos surrounding the life of an addict.

Suburban Rituals EP is out now on Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms.Website: suburbanrituals.comFacebook:

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